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JOHNROSE started in 2015 as a studio project with exclusively own songs by the Koblenz artist Johannes Rösgen with the release of the first album "Behind The Gates" in 2015.

Further albums followed in 2018 with "THE KEY" and 2020 with "WINGS"

The musical roots of JOHNROSE lie in the multi-faceted 70s in prog, melodic & art rock.

JOHNROSE is influenced and inspired by artists and bands such as Manfred Mann's Earthband, Alan Parsons, Toto, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Gerry Rafferty and Al Stewart.

Demanding, melodic and timelessly beautiful rock music full of fantasy and depth, wrapped in a warm and powerful sound. It is THE music for lovers of sophisticated rock music.

JohnRose: The rock poet from the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz

From the Press release from 30. November 2023 myhe press agency Dr. Music Promotion
Der German musician and multi-instrumentalist Johannes Rösgen, aka JOHNROSE, began his musical career in the mid-1970s in the school band Flashbolt and earned his first spurs as guitarist for the Progressive Rockband Athis. Since 1982 he has also been the guitarist and singer of Copyright, which, in addition to countless gigs, also released an album in 1999. He also fronted Giant For A Day for three years and opened for legends like Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Alan Parsons. Since 2015 he has bean performing mainly as JOHNROSE and released the double CD “Ride The Raven” based on the tapes from his time at Athis in the early 80s and subsequently the albums “Behind The Gates”, “The Key” and most recently “Wings”, which were received positively by the music press. JOHNROSE's new album is emotionally poignant, and the messages and symbolism of the lyrics are profoundly touching, leaving the listener entirely lost in the music. At the same time, everything is woven into a warm, thoughtful soundscape with musical elements from the last four decades of sophisticated Rock music. “The Prophet’s Dance” presents a musically more mature and purpuseful JOHNROSE and visually, the CD is also a real eye-catcher thanks to the filigree artwork by Thomas Ewerhard (including Avantasia, Neal Morse, Volbeat), which perfectly visualizes the spirit of the album.

John Rose in the Rocktober interview on Antenne Koblenz 

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