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JohnRose: Single “Around The Lake” | Release: June 14, 2023

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My new album “The Prophet’s Dance” is an album full of imagination and depth. I joined them 12 songs inspired by my memories, feelings and dreams. Underwater we share our dreams....

JohnRose: Album "The Prophet's Dance" | Release: December 8th, 2023

Hier die Pressemitteilung vom 08. Dezember 2023 meiner Presseagentur Dr. Music Promotion:

JOHNROSE presents with today’s album release of “The Prophet’s Dance” an imagination-inspiring listening experience full of timeless Rock music with depth

Today, on 12/08/2023, the German musician and multi-instrumentalist Johannes Rösgen, alias JOHNROSE, celebrates the release of his new full-length “The Prophet’s Dance” via Dr. Music Records and lets the mysticism of Rhine romanticism shine in new splendor. The Rhineland-Palatinate artist already attracted attention with his four pre-released singles from the extraordinary album. Sophisticated, melodic and timelessly beautiful Rock music full of imagination and depth, wrapped in a warm and powerful sound, forms the musical cosmos of JOHNROSE. Thereby, he falls back on his longtime experience in Prog and Rock cover bands and inspires besides the high-class instrumentation with subtle lyrics. The Rock Poet from the Middle Rhine wanders unerringly between the musical spheres of melodic Prog, AOR and elegant Art Pop so that each of the twelve songs sounds unmistakably like JOHNROSE. Mainly self-played, recorded and mixed at Confluentes Studio, the album was subsequently mastered by Stefan Noltemeyer (i.a. Meat Loaf, Santana, Earth Wind & Fire) in Berlin. Visually, the Digipak CD is also a real eye-catcher thanks to the filigree artwork by Thomas Ewerhard (i.a. Avantasia, Neal Morse, Volbeat), perfectly visualizing the album’s spirit. “The Prophet’s Dance” is for music lovers who appreciate Rock with charisma and personality, as played by Pink Floyd, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Toto or even Kate Bush. This is also reflected in the first music magazine’s press quotes, which applaud the catchy Melodic Rock album:

  • Rock It!: “The Prophet’s Dance” is both emotionally gripping and profound lyrically. In short, JOHNROSE’s new album is a must-have for fans of sophisticated Rock music.

  • Relaxing music with sophistication and feel-good guarantee! […] Sometimes I have to think of British Prog Rock, Tom Petty (RIP!) and the German band Subsignal. The whale artwork by cover artist Thomas Ewerhard perfectly matches the music and is an absolute eye-catcher, just like the whole CD design.

  • “The Prophet’s Dance” has that certain edge that excited me – an excellent album with many melodic guitar lines. “The Prophet’s Dance” sounds tight, and the Metal as Melodic Rock passages, the modern elements, and the heavy grooves as well as the vocals blend on “The Prophet’s Dance” with a powerful production, emphasizing the outstanding guitar work and the existing hit potential of some songs […].

  • “The Prophet’s Dance” reflects his music’s maturity, profundity and development, which numerous critics and fans appreciate. […] JOHNROSE’s music reaches the ears and the listener’s heart. His approach to combining current issues with melodic sounds makes him one of the most remarkable artists of our time.

  • JOHNROSE’s “The Prophet’s Dance” is a masterful fusion of melodic Prog, AOR and Art Pop. […] Each song is an artfully crafted chapter […] The musical maturity and visual presence of Thomas Ewerhard’s artwork make this album a must-have for lovers of sophisticated Rock music. […] The messages and symbolism of the lyrics are profoundly touching and reflect JOHNROSE’s emotional depth. In “The Prophet’s Dance”, the listener gets lost in a sonic universe capturing the essence of sophisticated Rock music of the last four decades.


The versatile new JOHNROSE album “The Prophet’s Dance” along with its four singles, featuring the ravishing dance with the whales in the title track, the wistful midtempo Rock ballad “Around The Lake”, the casual summer feeling spreading “Manner Of Traveling” and the inspiring song “Calling For You”, is now available at all record stores worldwide as well as digitally: 


JOHNROSE „The Prophet’s Dance“ Streaming & Download:

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JOHNROSE „The Prophet’s Dance“ Digipak CD:

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Those who would now like to delve deeper into the emotional life of JOHNROSE and his fascinating sound collages should head to or his extensive website at and for regular personal updates, follow his social media profiles at oder 


More information on:
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Tracklist „The Prophet’s Dance“

01. Calling For You
02. Manner Of Travelling
03. The Curtains Are Falling
04. Around The Lake
05. What Is Going Round?
06. Mary
07. Hurts
08. The Best Is Yet To Come
09. Lovers Are Strangers
10. Circles In My Mind
11. The Prophet’s Dance
12. Let Love Shine

All songs were written by Johannes Rösgen composed, arranged and produced, with the exception of “The Curtains Are Falling” written by Johannes Rösgen and Joachim Nöthen.
Lovers Are Strangers“ written by Robert Thomas

Recorded and mixed by Johannes Rösgen, Confluent Studio, Koblenz

Mastered by Stefan Noltemeyer, Berlin |

Photos from Torsten Gauls |

Artwork and layout by Thomas Ewerhard |

Vocals, Instruments & Programming: Johannes Rösgen

Drums of tracks 01 - 08, 10 & 11: Gerd Portugall

Piano on track 09: Robert Thomas

Saxophone on track 06: Thilo Willach, Peter Torres

Vocals on track 07: Victoria Wydymanski

Vocals on track 09: Paul Wydymanski

Music videos for the songs“Around The Lake”, “Manner Of Traveling”: 80 White |

Music videos for the songs"Calling For You" (lyric video) and "The Prophet's Dance": Andy Pilkington |


“The Key” is the key to timelessly beautiful music, always full of imagination with unpredictable twists and turns. Musical quality and diversity with stylistic elements of progressive, high-grade folk and sophisticated pop rock.
Like his last two albums, “The Key” is not for people with low attention spans.      
Release: 2018                                                     


Gerry White, music reviewer:

"The most touching pieces of music are those that give us back something valuable that we thought we had long since lost.

The 12 original compositions impress with their creativity, compositional quality and professional production. JohnRose has a flair for arrangement and melody. The strong "Hurts" reminds of  the legendary "Don't give up" by Peter Gabriel featuring Kate Bush. Rock numbers like this"Strange thing"impress with their straight and powerful groove, while ballads like"Words of a broken heart"Offer pure goosebumps.

It is the combination of the tried and tested and the curiosity for the unexpected that makes this CD so valuable. The singer's distinctive yet soulful voice gives the pieces an unmistakable sound."

A total work of art!

Release: 2015


"A matter close to my heart was my first own production, the double album “Ride the Raven” by the band Athis [aetis], which was completed in 2011. 
Athis existed from 1979-1982 and was influenced by the progressive, art and psychedelic rock groups popular in the 70s such as Genesis, Pink Floyd and Yes and especially their concept albums.

Athis was the bassist Peter Genesis, the keyboardist and singer Joachim Nöthen, the drummer Wolfgang Schwarz and I, Johannes Rösgen, as guitarist. 

KugelsBurg spectacle


The freedom of music knows no limits. Rooted in progressive rock of the 70s, "Wings" is an exciting and melodic rock album.

The album is emotionally gripping and the songs have a special charisma, touching in the quiet moments and stirring in the rocking phases. The album has a strong pull, the lyrics convey messages and symbolism.

Release: September 11, 2020

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